Whether it’s because we like her positions on the issues or just because we need to stop Donald Trump, most Bernie Sanders supporters are backing Hillary Clinton in the general election. BernForHer is a place where we can make our voices heard and our numbers felt and encourage our fellow Bernie supporters who might still be on the fence not to vote third party or stay home. And it literally only takes 15 seconds.

Just scroll down and push the “Record Video” button below. Doing so will open the camera on your computer or phone (phones work best). Then just say:

  • Your first name.
  • Where you’re from (your state is enough, city or town not necessary).
  • That you are going to vote for Hillary Clinton in November — not vote third party or stay home — and you want your fellow Bernie supporters to do the same.

You can say more if you want, but you don’t have to. What’s important is that we get thousands of videos to show the media, the Democratic Party, and each other that we are not going to let a hateful wannabe dictator win this election. That means we need YOU to make your voice heard NOW — no coming back later. And then we need you to send two more people to make their voices heard too.

By uploading a video, you agree to terms and conditions that allow us to screen the content for haters and then repost to YouTube. Comments on all videos will be turned OFF.



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