“This election is not about, and has never been about, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders or any of the other candidates who sought the presidency. This election is about – and must be about – the needs of the American people and the kind of future we create for our children and grandchildren.” – Bernie Sanders, 7/25/16

We fought an extraordinary fight. For many of us, it is heartbreaking that Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee, or the president of the United States.

But it is important that we also remember our many victories. Not just the incredible feeling after winning New Hampshire and Michigan (though that was pretty great), but also the way we’ve changed the game in political fundraising despite the protestations of the billionaire class, changed the conversation in American politics despite the protestations of the mainstream media, and changed the Democratic Party despite the protestations of the DNC.

We won major changes in the Democratic Party platform:

  • Breaking up the big banks.
  • A 21st century Glass-Steagall.
  • Opposition to trade deals like the TPP.
  • Free college tuition for families making under $125,000 (83% of Americans)
  • A committee after the election to change the primary process, including the role of Super Delegates

And while we may not trust Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party to stay true to this platform on their own, we can hold their feet to the fire. We can make them feel the Bern. Just as we used the power of our movement as leverage to get what we want on the platform, we can use the power of our movement to enact it and enforce it.

But that can’t happen unless we stand together to stop Donald Trump, and support Hillary Clinton — as Bernie has asked us to do.

For all her many flaws, Hillary does understand that income inequality is a problem and will fight to increase the minimum wage, instead of decrease it — as would Donald Trump. Unlike Donald Trump, she would nominate progressive judges, who would overturn Citizens United. She would protect the basic rights of the LGBT community, of people of color, of religious minorities — groups which Trump derides. And in sharp contrast to Trump, she understands that climate change is real and will protect the government’s ability to regulate pollutants.

This is a painful moment. But we have worked too hard and built too much to walk away, to risk handing the country over to a racist madman by staying home or voting third party. The only way we can keep him out of the white house, and keep alive so many of the things we’ve fought for, is to fight to get her elected.

Bernie won’t be the next president. We just didn’t have the votes. And as damning and enraging as the DNC emails were, the bottom line is that we lost by 12% of the popular vote, 43% to Hillary’s 55%. Even if we say that some combination of the DNC, inconsistent primary vs. caucus state rules, and all the other bullshit cost Bernie 5% of the vote, and we redistributed that 5% from Hillary to Bernie… we still would’ve lost. Which isn’t that surprising considering our revolutionary message was coming from a senator who was previously mostly unknown and Hillary Clinton has been in national politics since before the first “Jurassic Park”.

We did good. We’ll do more in the future. For now, for the sake of our country, ourselves, and the man who inspired the movement… Let’s #BernForHer.

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